J-Fab & Machine Repair, Inc.

About Us

BlueprintsOwner & operator, John Schmerheim founded J-Fab & Machine Repair, Inc. in 2001. Mr. Schmerheim has been a machinist for over 40 years. Within those years he spent nearly a decade working as a prototype machinist on government projects, and another decade designing and building experimental parts for rotary valve test engines. In addition to this, much of his career was dedicated to building conveyors, coil machines and more for the rebar industry. 

His wealth of knowledge, machine shop experience, and passion for custom machinery led him to open J-Fab & Machine Repair, Inc. where he has worked tirelessly to develop and provide customers with practical and affordable solutions to meet their material handling, production, and organizational needs.

Housed in a 7,200 sq/ft free standing building in Warren, MI just North of the Motor City, our talented crew led by Mr. Schmerheim can design, fabricate and build a wide variety of industrial products to meet your customer specific needs.

High quality platforms, rolling ladders, carts, tables, custom and or motorized tooling, racks, stands, cages, cribs, guarding, custom trailers, log splitters and log racks are some of our favorites, all powder coated to a high shine... 

Don’t see your product here? That’s okay, contact us anyway! Most of our customers call us with just a thought, rough sketch or a conceptual blueprint to start off with, and J-Fab will take it the rest of the way and provide you with one or more than one solution for your given situation/project.